I am an enthusiast, programmer, technician and whatever you like (or don't). Python, Bash, PHP, Lua, HTML/CSS/JS and everything that glues it together.

Things I like:


See the full list of available open-source projects on my Github above. However, this list doesn't include projects made for internal business use (for obvious reasons).


You may send me anything at any time to Telegram. I usually respond as fast as possible. And there is me@meew.me with PGP 2B604FD066C9C748 (1, 2).

Also, you may request any game from my GOG collection for free. I'll send you installation files for any available platform. Same applies to Bandcamp collection. Because why not. They are made shareable.


I use primarily Arch Linux on desktop and Debian on servers. But exceptions may occur.


My SSH public key is here for any reasons.

This site was written entirely by hand. There is no javascript, frameworks and other shit. Just plain old html with css.